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From a very young age, my parents taught me to see work with pride. Thanks to this, in 1975, I managed to start my own distributor company with only 4 people … Dizac was born.

Our proposal from the beginning, was to reach the entire national territory. Working hard and more than anything doing what I like, wholesale. We started with 4 product lines, we grew and little by little with perseverance, dedication and friends who supported us, we traced a path of success as distributors of brands and high quality products. Conscious of the constant rise in the demand for quality, we put ourselves at the forefront of the field with the firm intention of surpassing ourselves, both in our efficiency in the distribution system and in the satisfaction of our customers. Our philosophy has always been being humble with people, growing with the opportunities presented to us, always following my motto: “buy when they sell and sell when they buy.” The experience in this business has given me the wisdom to know that nothing is easy and that to be successful is not the goal, but to remain present in people; that is the reward.

Dizac started with a vision of high values:

  • Quality brands
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Passion for our business
  • Constant training of our staff
  • Ethic, honesty and responsibility


Today after 42 years, our effort has paid off. We are a strong company, solid and recognized by our high standards. Our products enjoy an enviable preference of our consumers; it is this recognition that fills us with satisfaction and impels us to be better every day.

We can say without a doubt that we are a leading company in the merchandising and distribution of high quality products.

  • We reach more than 28,300 customers nationwide
  • We handle global brands, leaders in their segments
  • Australian Dairy Goods is part of our group


I am happy to call my team my family, because the most important thing about this company is the people.

I love what I do, I do it with love, passion, dedication and respect. With this thought we will continue to bring our products to Salvadoran homes; and we’ll keep demanding ourselves every day to continue growing at the forefront.

I am very proud to be here based on working with patience and wisdom and today more than ever, I am motivated to continue with my philosophy of putting passion and perseverance to everything I undertake.

I cannot finish without thanking our team of partners and collaborators who have always given us their unconditional support with a deep sense of commitment, building together this great company; because we are all Dizac.

Edgar Zacarias.